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Space Science Sweden

Space Science Sweden is non-profit organization in Umeå, founded in January 2015, composed of academics and space science hobbyists. We are working to promote the design and manufacture of cost effective hardware for space exploration, and toward increased public interest in space.

S³ lunar payload

The cube shaped instrument below contains three field mills of our own design. The instrument is designed to operate on the lunar surface as part of PTScientists mission to the moon. read more…

  • The instrument in its current configuration

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Space Science Sweden is a swedish non-profit orgainzation which consists of academics, engineers and space enthusiasts. The key members that are steering the technological development are:



During the course of the project we have made a lot of friends which has helped us with everything from shoe laces to funding. Without these sponsors there wouldn’t be much of a mission:


AddressScube, Fabriksgatan 8b kv., 903 31 Umeå, Sweden New e-mail due to server outage (2019-04-20)