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Umeå Lunar Venture Innovation Fair!


You are officially invited!

The Umeå Lunar Venture Innovation Fair is happening and it’s an open event for everyone. Bring your friends and come and meet the Moon Rover and hear about how we became one of the biggest space projects in Sweden.

Umeå Lunar Venture is a partnership between us (Space Science Sweden) and Umeå University. Our main goal is to put Swedens first scientific experiment on the moon in the end of next year. And as you know we are currently preparing the measuring instrument at full speed to make this happen!

The Innovation Fair is a opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning more about our work. You will get the chance to meet the Moon Rover that is taking us to the moon and it’s creators (Part-Time Scientists) who is coming all the way from Germany. And of course the students from the engineering and physics programme will be there!

Down below you can see the programme for the day and evening. Feel free to invite your friends and help us spread the word!

Attend the Facebook event here!



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