December 12th, 2017 by

Work continues

It has been a hectic autumn with little time for updates, about time for one!

First of all we paid IRF a second visit, for vibration testing. This turned up one problem, an M4 nut coming slightly lose. To rectify this we’ve invested in torque wrenches and are working on an assembly manual with specified torques for every screw and nut. For the curious, the work-in-progress manual is up on our GitHub account here.

The second bit of news is that we have a master’s thesis student working with us, Clayton Forssén. His job at the moment is to write LabView code parsing output from our prototype instrument. The goal is to get a series of measurements done in our vacuum chamber with the new XYZ E-field applicating cube (a miniaturization of the capacitor plate plywood cube we have used in earlier tests).

Clayton working

Current lab. On the left: Clayton working

The third news is that our deadline has been pushed at least another year into the future. This gives us some much-needed time to fine-tune the design, code, documentation and so on.

That’s all for this update. As always, keep watching this space for more interesting stuff 😎


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